2016 Texas High School Swimming Regional Psych Sheets

Tisca has released two psych sheets for upcoming regional swim meets this weekend. You can find those here. Region 4 looks to be the region of death this year.

Region 4 5A

Region 2 6A

These are my uploads/links:

Region 5 6A

Region 7 6A

Region 1 6A

Region 6 6A

Region 8 6A

Region 4 6A

Region 3 6A

Region 3 5A


  1. Thanks for taking the time to do this. We appreciate it.

  2. Region 1 6A - http://www.depts.ttu.edu/uil/athletic_documents/6A_RegionalSwimming_Diving_Prelims_Finals/PsychSheet2016.pdf
    Region 4 6A - https://swimtopia.s3.amazonaws.com/144/snippet_files/6f1a9a72b31d1b7f9ebc117a53f0edbba33d10c5/original/region_4_6a_psych_sheet.pdf?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAI2FHZS6UHHRIYX6Q&Expires=1454459714&Signature=mmfgi9ygcFoMoK6ODEPIqk2C7DI%3D
    Region 6 6A - http://nebula.wsimg.com/d774679ff7f7e11fc5f826dd773bc5c4?AccessKeyId=178595B91403268F5D89&disposition=0&alloworigin=1
    Region 8 - 6A http://www.bisd.us/aquatics/2016%20psych%20sheet%20region%20viii%206-a%20Revised.pdf

  3. Hey Swimmer -

    The Region 4 6A link doesn't work.

  4. This is the website that I got it from:

  5. Any word on the Region 3 6A psych sheet? On behalf of obsessive swim parents like myself, thanks for doing all this.

    1. Coach Murphy comes through! All of the 6A Regions are up. Now to just somehow get 5A...

  6. I just emailed Coach Murphy at Southlake Carroll to see if he can help us out.


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