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Live Meet Results: Texas 6A State Swimming Championships

Late notice on this, because I've been extremely busy at work. But, here is the link to the live results for the Texas HS State Swimming Championships:

Texas High School Swimming 5A Unofficial State Call-ups 2015

We had a tie for the 8th call-up in the girls 100 butterfly between Sarah Brumfield and Kaitlyn Romoser. Since their times were the same in finals, it goes to who has the fastest prelims time, and Sarah Brumfield had a 59.00 to Kaitlyn Romoer's 59.53.

Once again, please email on mistakes/corrections, and I apologize in advance if I missed someone or if someone gets bumped out.

Edit #1: Updated girls medley relay

Edit #2: Fixed the boys 100 free, and changed the boys 200 free from McKinney to McKinney North.

200 Medley RelayGirlsProsper1:49.493Cedar Park1:50.015A&M Consolidated1:51.225Kingwood Park1:51.816Georgetown1:53.155Tomball Memorial1:55.505Magnolia West1:55.585El Campo1:55.927BoysGeorge Ranch1:37.827Frisco1:38.483Tomball Memorial1:38.895McKinney North1:39.013Grapevine1:39.652Nacogdoches1:40.114Georgetown1:40.845Ridge Point1:41.166200 FreeGirlsJoy Field1:50.645Kendall Shields1:52.875Kat Jones1:53.095Laney Recer1:55.503Renee Jacops1:55.975Hanna Brown1:56.285Erika Stephenson…

Texas High School Swimming 5A Automatic Qualifiers 2015

200 Medley RelayGirlsStratford1:48.087Frisco1:49.083Vandegrift1:49.675Ridge Point1:49.906El Paso1:52.561Alamo Heights1:54.048Mansfield Lake Ridge1:56.792Texarkana1:57.424BoysWakeland1:35.123Kingwood Park1:37.136Stratford1:37.397Mansfield Legacy1:38.432A&M Consolidated1:38.485Texarkana1:39.354El Paso1:39.701Champion1:40.038200 FreeGirlsGabrielle Kopenski1:47.673Haley Yelle1:47.992Caitlin Clements1:48.785Ale Acosta1:54.441Ellery Parish1:54.888Shelby Sparacino1:54.907Lauren Cochran1:57.566Holly Ratcliff1:59.894BoysSam Kline1:39.223Jack McLaughlin1:41.948John Winkler1:43.225Austin Bradshaw1:43.486Blake Bunnell1:43.952Jacob Jones1:44.094Victor Beruvides1:46.181Matthew Glass1:46.697200 IMGirlsDestiny Nelson2:00.413Rebecca Brandt2:07.374Tanja Milanovic2:08.785Kaila Byerly2:11.898Alexis Andros2:11.907Ivy Claflin2:12.131Abby Wong2:13.076Madison Chao2:13.612BoysHudson Smith1:51.305Chase Garrott1:52.893Brandon Ewer1:56.696Matthew Garza1:57.602Seth Ryherd2:00.718 <

Status on 5A Automatic Qualifiers and Call-ups

Looks like Region 6-5A is currently in progress. The meet didn't start until 4:30 PM because they had the 6A meet at the same location this morning. In the meantime, I currently need the results of the Girls 100 Butterfly from Region 7-5A. If you have those, please email them over.

Texas High School Swimming 6A Unofficial State Call-ups 2015

I could have very easily made a mistake doing these. Please feel free to shoot me an email if I did at . Please keep in mind that this is an unofficial list, and if I did make a mistake and someone gets bumped out, I apologize in advance.

Edit #1: Fixed girls 200 Free

Edit #2: Fixed boys 100 Breast

200 Medley RelayGirlsKingwood1:45.664Woodlands1:46.044Cypress Ranch1:46.545Cinco Ranch1:46.995College Park1:48.014Plano Senior1:48.273Southlake Carroll1:48.363Lake Travis1:49.354BoysSouthlake Carroll1:34.643Allen1:34.783Flower Mound1:35.132Kingwood1:35.184Woodlands1:35.324Seven Lakes1:35.365Lamar1:35.555SA Reagan1:36.597200 FreeGirlsSammie Porter1:50.932Emily Henson1:51.524Payton Neff1:52.574Conor Glenn1:53.555Danielle Hepler1:53.775Sarah McDonald1:53.833Lauren Savoy1:54.002Megan Hanson1:54.372BoysDavid Morejon1:39.284Felix Van Cauwelaert1:39.803Harry Sale1:39.804Alex Smilenov1:39.885Matthew Kraemer1:40.124Austin Whalen1:40.573Grant Reed1:40.614Eric Atkins1:40.924200 …