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2018 High School Regional Psyche Sheets

The rest of the Texas High School District meets finished up this weekend. I was happy to have a relaxing day today after being at a 5.5 hour long District 18-6A meet. Here's the first psyche sheet to come in. Thanks to the coaches for releasing the information.

Edit: Removed the 2-6A psyche sheet as it had some incorrect entry times. I'll wait until I get a corrected one so I don't mislead anyone to thinking a state record was set at a District meet.

Got a corrected 2-6A psyche sheet from the TISCA website.

Region 4-5A

Region 2-6A

Region 5-6A

Region 6-6A

2018 High School District Psyche Sheets & Results

It's that time of the year again. If you have high school swimming district psyche sheets and or district results please email me at


"Individual results and times/scores for all events were not published in this story at the request of the District 13-6A coaches." 

District 10-5A

District 27-5A

District 30-5A

Psyche Sheet - 11,12-6A, 20-5A

Psyche Sheet - 18-5A

Psyche Sheet - 24-6A

A lot of girls results here

A lot of boys results here