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2016 Texas High School District Results

It's that time of year again. Button over at has asked me to compile the State qualifiers and call-ups like I did last year. This is the place you'll find them. Like I did last year, my first two posts will be for the automatic qualifiers since that is the easiest thing to compile. The call-up qualifier swimmers will come afterwards. There will be an individual post for each. One post for the 6A automatic qualifiers, one post for the 5A automatic qualifiers, one post for the 6A call-up qualifiers, and one post for the 5A call-up qualifiers. With that said here are some District meet results from around the state:

District 19 6A Prelims

District 19 6A Finals

District 10 6A

District 16 6A

District 14 6A

District 24 6A