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Back to Club Swim Coaching & HS Call-ups

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I have returned to the swim coaching world. In July, I took the head swim coaching position at the new VillaSport location in Cypress, Texas. I am excited to once again have an impact on young swimmers lives and to be working at something that I truly love doing. This brand new facility was hit pretty hard during the hurricane and are currently not open (after opening in July) as construction crews replace all of the flooring and locker rooms.

I will try my best this year to provide high school state swimming call-ups, but I will most likely be at the Regional meet for the Cy-Fair School District swimmers as a lot of my swimmers have already made that swim meet their top priority. So, depending on when that swim meet finishes up will determine when I will be able to sit down in front of a computer and compile call-ups. Thanks for your understanding and best of luck all the swimmers, parents, and coaches out there this swim season.