2016 Texas High School Regional Results Predicament

I am foreseeing a predicament arising as I look to compile regional results this year so I can determine which teams/swimmers get called up to the state meet. Last year, I used Meet Mobile to find results as every single regional meet was listed there. This year, if you take a look, there are some regionals not listed. I will be needing those results in order to compile accurate lists.

Regional meets not listed on Meet Mobile:

Region 4 5A
Region 6 5A

Region 2 6A


  1. just search Region 6A and you ill find the complete Region 2 results.

    1. I see the Region 2 meet from 2015 but not the one from 2016.

    2. you are correct. Sorry about that.

  2. Try searching:
    Region 6 - 5A

    Spaces before and after hyphen

    But can't find 4-5A either...

  3. Region 2-6a just popped up on mm under region

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Are those the region 2 results on mm listed as 2016 Regional and the location is xxx? We think those are them even though they're confusing.

  6. Is the TISCA page down? It used to have all the district and regional results posted.

    1. Hey Mark -

      It's not down, it just hasn't been updated. They have in previous years kept it updated with District and Regional results. I know that Greg and Ron are probably pretty busy and haven't had time to update it this year.


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