Meet Results: Conference USA, American Short Course Champs, TAGS

Rice University finished 2nd out of 6 at the Conference USA Swimming & Diving Championships and the University of North Texas was 4th.

Results can be found here:

The American Short Course Champs meet had to be moved to San Antonio because of a plumbing leak in Austin.

Results can be found here:

TAGS results can be found on the MARS website here:

Hopefully, they will get their pdf files updated with all of the results instead of just the top 2.

TAGS Top 10 Teams:

1. Nitro Swimming 1804
2. Lakeside Aquatic Club 1683.5
3. Alamo Area Aquatic Association 1348.5
4. Texas Ford Aquatics 1256.5
5. Cypress Fairbanks Swim Club 1182
6. The Woodlands Swim Team 1154
7. Magnolia Aquatic Club 935.5
8. Katy Aquatic Team for Youth 783
9. First Colony Swim Team 688.5
10. Rockwall Aquatic Center of Excellence 654


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