Region Results

Currently working on the list for the automatic qualifiers and call-ups.

Currently I am in need of results for the following regions:

Region 5-6A

And, I believe that's it. I am pulling results from Meet Mobile right now, and that is the only region not there.

I am also waiting on results of the Region 7-6A meet which started at 2:00 PM. At 3:45 PM CST they are on the boys 500 free.

Update. As of 6:18 PM CST, I still do not have any results from Region 5-6A.

I got screengrabs of the boys results from Region 5, but nothing for the girls.

Update 7:15 PM. Region 5-6A results are on Meet Mobile.


  1. Thank you! I have been searching too- we found all others. My swimmers were in Rockwall meet. I hope someone posts for you soon!! 50 free especially:)

  2. Yeah, I figured Landon, but there aren't any results on the web.

  3. Region 7-6A just finished. Results on meet mobil or Alamo Aquatics.

  4. Region 5 6A is up on meet mobile now

  5. 5-6A Results are on Meet Mobile


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