2015 Men's NCAA's

I will be helping collegeswimming.com cover the Men's 2015 NCAA Championships this week and weekend in Iowa City, Iowa.

You can view some of my write-ups on their website here http://www.collegeswimming.com/ .

And you can follow my live coverage of the meet on the twitter account here: @collegeswimnews

It should be a pretty nice battle between Cal and Texas.


  1. Hi Scott- do you know of any updates or changes to Tx UIL Swimming for next year, regarding state call ups? I had heard that they might change from 8 to a higher number. Any truth to that? Or any news regarding this that you know of? Thanks!

  2. Hi Christi -

    I do not have any updates to changes to how many call-ups will qualify for the state meet next year. I just know from Button's blog that they were in discussion. There was a TISCA board meeting last month, so I will see if I can find out if any further discussion was held.

  3. Thanks for letting me know. I was thinking that the TISCA board meeting was where is was to be discussed as well. Thanks for following up! :)

  4. Hey Christi -

    I just wanted to update you that I did send an email to a TISCA board member that I have had previous conversations with, but I have yet to receive a response. I will contact a high school swim coach relative of mine to see if there's any information as to whether or not they will be adding more state qualifiers.

  5. Great! Thanks for following up on this. I look forward to hearing!

  6. Hey Christi -

    I talked to my cousin and he said that everything right now is just speculation. TISCA would have to bring changes to the UIL and then the UIL would have approve them. In my opinion, the UIL doesn't care about adding 8 more swimmers per event. They see the state swim meet as a success already because they fill up the stands each year.
    From a coaching perspective, adding 8 more swimmers per event only makes sense. The way it works now there's no penalty for swimming slow in prelims since every makes it back to swim in finals (whether it be in the A final, or the consolation final). When I used to swim in high school, there were 16 swimmers in each event like there is now. But, the top 6 made the A final, the next 6 made the B final. So, 4 swimmers from prelims didn't get to come back and swim at night. This makes the meet much more interesting and fun. Those swimmers who qualify 8th or 16th are really important to the team standings (Much like the NCAA meet).

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